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Girls Night Out!

This is why I love my job! I had a client contact me about a bachelorette invitation, but she wanted to include a mixed music CD with the invitation. I can certainly do that! I designed a booklet style invitation that has a pocket for the CD. The overall look was designed with a girls night out flair, using animal print, bright pinks and blues.

Oh la, la, la

A previous client of mine contacted me to do a bridal shower invitation along with a bachelorette invitation as well. She wasn’t concerned about them matching so much, but definitely making the shower invitation more formal and the bachelorette invitation fun.

Both invitations were printed on white matte cardstock.


Something frilly…Something sweet…

This was a fun invite to design! Very simple, but screams “FUN”! Gotta love an invite to a lingerie/bachelorette party. Can I come?!